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New scientific research project – TRACE

New scientific research project – TRACE: Phylogenetic reconstruction using Gaussian processes.

In cooperation with Juš Kocijan from Jožef Stefan Institute (Slovenia) we will be dealing with the application of modern methods in computer science and artificial intelligence used in the technical sciences for the purpose of modeling problems in the biological sciences for the next two years. In biology, phylogeny is a discipline that studies the evolutionary history and relationships between particular organisms or groups of organisms. These relations are revealed by using inference methods in phylogeny that value perceived hereditary features, such as DNA strands or morphology, based on the evolutionary model of individual features. As a result of such studies, phylogeny emerges as a diagrammatic hypothesis of the history of the evolutionary kinship of a group of organisms. As part of this interdisciplinary project, we will develop a method for phylogenetic reconstruction using Gaussian processes. Modeling the evolution of DNA using Gaussian processes could help solve common phylogenetic problems and serve as an independent method of phylogenetic reconstruction.
The project manager from UNIDU is izv. prof. dr. sc. Ivana Palunko from LARIAT and Dinka Lale,, Ph.D. Domagoj Tolić, Ph.D. Rade Garić from the Institute for the Sea and the Coast.