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LARIAT on HRT’s show More

On 17th of December LARIAT was showcased in HRT’s informational show „More“.

More is a show dedicated to the riches of our Adriatic sea, coast, and coastal areas. It brings intriguing reports on topics related to life at sea and along the coast.

In last week’s episode of this TV show, the spotlight shone on LARIAT where it’s continuing mission of cleaning sea litter was presented to tv audience. Also, the featured exhibition “Potraga za plaventilom,”, held at Sponza palace as a part of Days of creative / cultural industries 2023., was presented and it was a visual feast that not only showcased LARIAT’s capabilities but also highlighted the profound environmental message it carries. LARIAT collaborating with the Art and restoration department of the University of Dubrovnik successfully completed the challenge of creating a sculpture entirely made from seabed waste. The result was nothing short of awe-inspiring, as the exhibit underscored the intersection of technology, art, and environmental responsibility.

LARIAT’s appearance on HRT’s “More” not only brought attention to its ongoing mission but also celebrated its transformative contributions to the realms of technology, art, and environmental conservation.

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