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The H2020-SeaClear meeting and testing in Dubrovnik

The SeaClear project partnership meeting was held on September 15 and 16 in the premises of the Student Dormitory in Dubrovnik and the University Complex in the Mali Ston Bay (Bistrina). A press conference on the topic of the partnership meeting and preliminary testing as part of this project was held on 15 September in the Old Port Dubrovnik.

The University of Dubrovnik, together with the expert part of the consortium, conducted preliminary testing of parts of the autonomous robot system in the sea of Lokrum on September 15, and in the bay of Bistrina on September 16 and 17. The event was attended by experts from the project consortium: the world’s most famous organization that supplies proven robotic hardware, SST – SubSeaTech from France and four academic institutions: Delft Technical University of the Netherlands, which also has the role of lead partner, Technical University Munich (TUM) and Fraunhofer CML from Germany and Cluj-Napoca Technical University of Romania.

In addition to the mentioned universities, the project consortium also includes the expert team of the University of Dubrovnik. Through an interdisciplinary approach, the University of Dubrovnik, in addition to an important technological input in the field of robotics, artificial intelligence and automatic control of the Laboratory for Intelligent Autonomous Systems (LARIAT) from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computing, provides biological insight into the Department of Applied Ecology. Robots will in no way affect flora and fauna of the marine environment. The Department of Economics and Business Economics from University of Dubrovnik is also involved in the project, providing access to the project through a feasibility study to further explore the economic viability of such a system.