LARIAT hosts 1th InnovaMare Roadshow

First InnovaMare Roadshow took place from 27 to 29 April 2022 in Dubrovnik, in organization of the University of Dubrovnik as one of the project partners.

During these three active days, many workshops and presentations by the scientific research institutions in the field of marine technologies were held for the private and public sectors, as well as presentations of future trends and forecasts of future development, with the possibility of financing new project ideas. The emphasis was on the opportunity for networking through dialogue, knowledge transfer and joint development of new project concepts and the establishment of partner consortia.

On Friday, 29.4.2022. at the Laboratory for Mariculture, University of Dubrovnik in the beautiful Bistrina bay “BLUE EVENT 2” was organized where presentation and demonstration of new models/solutions for the application of marine technologies within the projects IT-HR InnovaMare, H2020 SeaClear & IT-HR MARLESS took place. Solutions presented were the system of unmanned underwater,  surface vessels and aerial robots for finding and collecting litter  a robot system that identifies and collects litter from the sea surface, and an autonomous vehicle that can map congested water areas.

Presentation and demonstration of innovative solutions for the preservation of the Adriatic Sea was organized to show the importance and possible applications of these solutions that create new opportunities in the field of marine technologies.

During the presentation, it was possible to record prototypes and demonstrations of new solutions, and to talk with representatives of the projects for all additional questions.

The InnovaMare strategic project identified the need to preserve the Adriatic Sea, which includes a stakeholder ecosystem and a multidisciplinary approach including universities, industry and policy makers, which is also the goal of this project implemented within the Interreg program Italy-Croatia.

One of the main challenges of the InnovaMare strategic project is to increase the efficiency of innovation activities in the areas of the Blue Economy – by increasing the transfer of knowledge within the area of ​​cooperation. Valuable results of this project have been achieved through the joint successful cooperation of partner consortium through the project activities. These are the developed InnovaMare innovation ecosystem that represents the Digital Innovation Hub Innovamare and the Innovamare innovation platform. They together open the space for further development of cross-border cooperation in the field of blue growth.

The total budget of the IT-HR Innovamare project is € 5.555.755,45. with Croatian Chamber of Economy as the lead partner. University of Dubrovnik is one of the partners under the lead by the Ivana Palunko from the Laboratory for Intelligent Autonomous Systems – LARIAT. Besides the researchers from LARIAT in the InnovaMare project are involved the researchers from the Department of Applied Ecology.