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ConDyS – Control of dynamical systems

Control of dynamical systems – ConDyS (Upravljanje dinamičkim sustavima)

Coordinator at the University of Dubrovnik: assoc. prof. Martin Lazar, PhD

Researcher: Ivana Palunko and Domagoj Tolić

Source of funding: HRZZ (Croatian Science Foundation (IP-06-2016))

Total budget: 994,000 HRK

UNIDU budget: 994,000 HRK

Duration of the project: March 2017 – February 2021


This project aims at establishing a strong group in mathematical control theory within the Croatian research network that will be able to address cutting-edge issues emerging from real-life problems.

Control theory is an interdisciplinary field combining engineering and mathematics that deals with the behaviour of dynamical systems (usually modelled by differential equations) with inputs. It is a well-studied area with intensive research. Results from control theory have been successfully applied to many concrete problems in fields such as electrical and mechanical engineering, transportation, communication, medicine, biology etc. Although the existing theory is able to provide answers to a number of fundamental and practical questions, many important problems are still unresolved. In order to model and control (physical or economic) systems as closely as possible, there is an increasing demand for a sophisticated mathematical apparatus.